Frontiers of Pandora - Sky Breaker Details


Some follow up details to yesterday's announcement of Frontiers of Pandora's 1st Story Pack, The Sky Breaker. As mentioned yesterday, it will release on July 16th. We will be able to explore a new area called The Heart of the Plains, where we will meet a new formidable AMP Suit, the AMP Defender, which protects key facilities with its indestructible shield and top-mounted gatling gun. You’ll also encounter new RDA lieutenants, whose AMP Suits provide added firepower and better protection, in each of the RDA Command Stations. Which I believe we saw one of these AMP Suits in the trailer yesterday, shown as Colonel Hardings AMP Suit. Lastly you’ll be able to take part in timed challenges during the festival of games, level up to master crafter with the new Legendary rarity category and progress up to rank 25 with new ways to spend skill points.

These were some new details I hadn't seen yesterday and just wanted to update you all with the most current information for Frontiers of Pandora.