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Exploring Avatar Podcast Watch Here

  Thanks to all who joined us between YouTube, X (Twitter), and Instagram for the episode tonight. We had over 100 viewers LIVE between all the streams, appreciate each and every one of you. If you want a in depth breakdown of So'lek'l Journey #1 or the new Avatar land coming to California, give us a watch. Exploring Avatar - So'lek's Journey Issue #1            

Exploring Avatar Podcast Live tonight

Join myself and Discovering Pandora LIVE tonight while we break down the first comic in the Frontiers of Pandora series, So'lek's Journey issue #1. We will also discuss the Avatar experience coming to Disneyland. Below is a direct link to the show which starts at 9:00 CST, and we are going to try something new tonight, and that is streaming directly to Instagram LIVE as well. Join us live or catch us on the replay! Exploring Avatar - So'lek's Journey #1

Kukulope a member of the Wind Trader Clan

  I can't take any credit for discovering this information, so big thanks to @avataritaliaufficiale for sharing this first on Instagram. After community speculation that Kukulope from Avatar - Frontiers of Pandora could be our first look at a member from the Wind Trader clan, it has been confirmed she is indeed a member. From the Art Station account of Massive Entertainment, Associate Art Director Mikhail Greuli, we learn some new details about Kukulope. Here is what he shared- Kukulope is a member of a Wind trader clan and it was an absolute joy to work for Lightstorm costume team to bring her to life. And thanks to all the pipeline and communication improvements in the later parts of the production we also got to create her own space inside of the Hometree. Something I found interesting is that he called her a member of a Wind Trader clan, not the Wind Trader clan, is it possible there are different clans considered Wind Traders? This certainly leaves that possibility open

Concept Art revealed for Avatar at Disneyland

  During today's 2024 Disney shareholder meeting, Bob Iger shared the above image. So far few details have been revealed, certainly none bigger than this concept image. If you remember the concept art for what eventually become Pandora-The World of Avatar, then you know Disney can truly deliver on this vision for the upcoming Avatar experience at Disneyland. This past November a Disney rep revealed the new Avatar land would be in Disney's California Adventure, however that hasn't been officially announced and could change. While few details were announced today, this photo certainly has me excited.