Kukulope a member of the Wind Trader Clan


I can't take any credit for discovering this information, so big thanks to @avataritaliaufficiale for sharing this first on Instagram.

After community speculation that Kukulope from Avatar - Frontiers of Pandora could be our first look at a member from the Wind Trader clan, it has been confirmed she is indeed a member. From the Art Station account of Massive Entertainment, Associate Art Director Mikhail Greuli, we learn some new details about Kukulope. Here is what he shared-

Kukulope is a member of a Wind trader clan and it was an absolute joy to work for Lightstorm costume team to bring her to life. And thanks to all the pipeline and communication improvements in the later parts of the production we also got to create her own space inside of the Hometree.

Something I found interesting is that he called her a member of a Wind Trader clan, not the Wind Trader clan, is it possible there are different clans considered Wind Traders? This certainly leaves that possibility open. I enjoy interacting with Kukulope in Frontiers of Pandora each day I play, trading achievements with her for Sätare Beads. Which the game says are handmade by Kukulope herself. I love getting more backstory on characters in the game, and for the Wind Traders we will see in Avatar 3.


Kukulope of the Wind Traders and Tìru of the Sarentu

Art Station-https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zPl52m