Screen Rant Interview with James Cameron, Avatar 3 filming


Photo from Looper

As we've seen several Avatar actors posting photos of them back at Manhattan Beach Studios doing Mo-cap for Avatar, there's been a lot of theories popping up online. Some speculated filming on Avatar 4 or possibly was happening, while others were a bit more tame, saying these were the reshoots and pickups for Avatar 3 being wrapped up. Well thanks to ScreenRant and an interview they had with James at this past Sunday's Saturn Awards, we have the answer. When asked about Avatar 3, here is what James had to say-

"It’s pretty much in the can. We’re shooting pick-ups on 3, which is just filling in the last 2 or 3%, and we’ve also got live-action pick-ups in June, that's another couple percent. We've got about a quarter of movie 4 in the can. We’re post on 3 and now doing the VFX, which is an enormous job. I’ll need every second between now and then to get it done.

The tech has reached the point right now where it’s really what we need. We make little improvements as we go along, but we’re there. The whole point is we jumped back, that’s why we spent 7 years building to it and 4 years shooting the two films together. It’s not about the technology, but about the minds and eyes of the computer artists. It’s a very, very creative process - it’s artistry. Thousands of people are involved and conducting the orchestra to get it all pitch perfect right now."

So there we have it, the current Mo-cap work is being done to finish up Avatar 3. With future live action work happening in June to finish live action. James also reaffirms what we had previously heard, and that is that some of Avatar 4 is already captured, about a quarter according to James. Making these movies is clearly a lengthy process, but it's exciting everything is currently on track to hit that December 19th, 2025 release date.

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