James Cameron has ideas for Avatar 6 and 7


James Cameron gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine this past Sunday at the Saturn Awards. Here are some of the quotes from JC-

“We're fully written through movie five, and I've got ideas for six and seven, although I'll probably be handing the baton on at that point,” Cameron told PEOPLE. “I mean, mortality catches up. But I mean, we're enjoying what we're doing. We're loving it. We get to work with great people.”

 This is exciting for me, for one James was always known as a tough as nails director who many people hated to work with and be around early in his career. That clearly isn't the case now, I love that he's acknowledging his mortality but yet loves the process, and the people he's working with so much that he just wants to keep grinding and creating Avatar content for us fans.

“Star Trek, Star Wars, the world building franchises that have been around since I was a kid, those were my inspirations," said Cameron. "And as I was saying out there, we're still a young universe. We're only two movies in, we're halfway through our third right now, To have that kind of cultural impact over time, you got to pour all your heart and energy into it.” 

I think it's amazing that Avatar is already in the same realm as Star Trek and Star Wars, and MCU, which is only possible since there's only 2 movies currently but holding the #1 and #3 Worldwide box office records. Avatar, led by James, has done a great job at creating new stories, new worlds, all while pushing the boundries of film making. Audiences has responded by going in mass to see the films in theater, somehting many franchises are strugling with currently for a variety of reasons. He's inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.

“People are always asking us, ‘So why did you just keep working in the same…’ Why did Lucas keep working in the same thing? Why did Roddenberry keep working in the same thing? Because when you connect with people, why would you squander that? Why would you start over with something else that might not connect?

James could do anything he wants, spend time with his family, running his farm in New Zealand,  exploring the oceans, but he recognizes to be the next Star Trek or Star Wars he has to stay dedicated to Avatar, and he seems fine with that people he knows the movies are resonating with us as fans, he could go in an all new direction, but there is no guarantee it would be received like the Avatar films.

For me I won't be mad if we get all 5 Avatar films and never see another Avatar film. Sometimes more of a good thing isn't always better, see Star Wars currently. But if James does pass the baton who do you think would take up the mantle and continue the films with his vision? 


Full People Magazine Interview - https://people.com/james-cameron-reveals-already-has-plans-for-avatar-6-and-7-8558690