Big Bad Toy Store Avatar Sales


Happy Valentines Day! If you are like me and still need some of the McFarlane Avatar sets to finish up your collection, you need to make your way to Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) right now. They are having some killer sales. I picked up the Shack Site Battle ($41.99), Tonowari & Skimwing ($21.99), Banshee Rider Neytiri ($21.99), and Amp Suit & Colonel Miles Quaritch ($14.99), for a grand total of $33.99. Shack Site Battle alone retails for more than that. This isn't an ad or anything like that, it's simply a company I like to purchase from, who packages well, has good customer service, and is currently having some really good deals on Avatar stuff. Also I shipped all for items for their $4 flat rate shipping, see why I recommend them yet? Go check them out here--->