Recap of the most recent Avatar-Frontiers of Pandora information

 Since it's been awhile since we've heard any official updates on Avatar-Frontiers of Pandora, I wanted to recap what we have learned most recently. A twitter user by the name of @ScriptLeaksR6 shared some interesting images with us. 

This one appears to be part of a larger image, possibly box or title screen art. I love how it show's some of the difference biomes we will get to explore, plus some of the customization options.

We got this great look at a character riding an ikran wearing accessories we haven't seen in any other Avatar mediums to date. Giving us a glimpse at some of whats to come in customization for our ikran.

We got a look at what looks to be our character in first person engaged with an AMP Suit with some upgrades. This is great to see because it give us a small glimpse at what we will see in this first person as we fight the RDA.

Another really interesting image, this appears to be a preorder exclusive, where by preordering the game you will get a unique cosmetic set and a weapon skin. What's also interesting is it's called The Child of Two Worlds Pack. What could that mean, well lets look at some game description he also shared.

So this gives us some incredible information about the game. You will be playing as an actual Na'vi who as a child was abducted by the RDA. So this is why you'll be proficient in RDA weaponry such as guns, but now that you're reconnecting with your roots you'll be using traditional Na'vi weaponry too. I think that sounds like a great idea.

Something I discovered was that the PS Store app lists the game as supporting 1 player, as we already knew it was going to be a single player game, but also 2 online players. I love this execution, you'll be able to play the game online with one other friend, that just opens up so many possibilities of the community being able to connect and play with one another.


As we move closer to whats called Ubisoft Forward, which is on Monday June 12th of this year, that is when I believe we will finally see more game play and learn even more details of  Avatar-Frontiers of Pandora. It's supposed to be a live even so make sure you keep an eye on the following link - I'll make sure to update everyone as new information comes out.