Avatar 3, 4, and 5 Delayed


As you might have already heart, Avatar 3, 4, and 5 have now been delayed. I just adjusted my countdown timer on AvatarSequels.com to reflect the Avatar 3 delay. I must say 919 days feels significantly more than 555, even though it is just one more year.

There's not much to touch on here, making Avatar movies takes time, and they are letting us know fairly early on that Avatar 3 won't be here on time. I always thought the previous dates for 4 and 5 were too ambitious, so I think the new dates are much more realistic. Here is the previous release schedule, and the new dates.

Avatar 3 

December 20, 2024 ---> December 19, 2025

Avatar 4

December 18, 2026 ---> December 21, 2029

Avatar 5

December 22, 2028 ---> December 19, 2031




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